How do you recruit tomorrow’s trainees and tomorrow’s technicians? By getting young people excited about a job in technology now. That’s why Certion’s commercial manager Bart Thiele went back to school, to provide information about the turbine mechanic’s profession.


This Thursday evening, 4 November 2021, Landstede MBO is holding an open house at its Harderwijk location for final-year students of VMBO and other interested parties. The school offers, among other things, a three-year course Technician Mechatronics Systems. “That’s a really good education that gives you a good basis at Certion as a service or breakdown technician. It’s the mix between mechanics and electronics, which may offer further opportunities to specialize.”



Bart knows what appeals to young people: “In addition to the necessary water bottles and a video in our stand, I have a heavy M48 bolt and they can feel an open-end wrench size 95 mm. That works like a magnet on the real wrenchers. You stand out by magnifying things and making them tangible. For example, we use a doll equipped with fall protection set to show what safety measures we take. By the way, that aspect of working at height or on rough seas is relevant; not everyone dares to do that. In addition, you have to be quite flexible with your time. In that respect, our profession is quite exceptional, but that certainly appeals to young people.”



The added value of the Certion presence? “Not only do you make technology more visible, but we also reach older students who are looking for an internship. This way we are in the picture early with young people in general and techies in particular. Not everyone knows the possibilities of the wind turbine sector or what technology has to offer. Especially with parents, we still need to remove the prejudice of dirty hands or lower pay. I’m happy to enter into those discussions!”



Many boys and girls were cautiously introduced to Certion this evening. “We planted a seed,” motivates Bart. “It is essential for engineering to train mechanics; at the same time, we can show ourselves as an employer, but also as a recognized apprenticeship and training company. We, therefore, work well with various roc’s and mbo-schools. In fact, about 25% of our mechanics once started with us as trainees.”

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