In April-May 2021, Certion is involved in an offshore project in the North Sea where our technicians will stay on an offshore crane vessel. On the MPI Resolution they will work, eat, exercise and sleep for a period of up to two weeks. We describe a day on board.



The crane ship (2003) measures 130 x 38 meters, has 7,000 tons of cargo capacity and two cranes with a lifting capacity of 600 tons. The core business of this vessel is to facilitate service work on offshore wind turbines. Its strength is that its six legs allow it to jack up the vessel and transform it into a stable working platform. The turbine farm owner chartered the vessel for this project, 20 kilometers offshore.



Certion has been hired to change main components at seven turbines. It starts with the supply in the port with main components, spare parts and tools. A precise script is followed, but the offshore period remains dependent on the weather. The cost of an equipped crane vessel is high. Therefore, in the weeks beforehand, Certion technicians in a smaller boat, a Crew Transfer Vessel CTV), sailed to the turbines to make preparations. Think of disconnecting electricity and disconnecting hoses and removing couplings.



The crane ship has a total of 43 people on board for this project, consisting of the ship’s crew (double occupancy), customer representatives and two Certion teams of nine technicians in total. Good care and good food is very important. So on the ship the food is of good quality and there are relaxation facilities, such as fitness and a cinema available.



The Certion engineers work continuously in two shifts: the morning & afternoon shift from 06:00 – 18:00, the evening & night shift from 18:00 – 06:00. The morning & afternoon shift starts at 06:00. This means that at 04:30 the alarm clock rings. After breakfast in the dining hall, preparation begins at 05:30 with a start work meeting and handover from the evening & night shift.



To get from the stamped crane vessel to the turbine, a solid walkway of eighteen meters is used. Three technicians enter the wind turbine, one remains on board for unhooking and hooking materials to the crane hook. The technicians maintain contact via a walkie-talkie. Several team members, all of whom have received offshore training, keep in touch with the crane operator to give proper instructions. When by 17:30 the shift is almost over, the technicians go back on board the crane vessel, do the handover with the evening & night shift and can relax and sleep. 12 hours rest.



Because of the Covid situation, everyone had to undergo a corona test before boarding and was only allowed to board if it was negative. During the first week the temperature was also taken twice a day and people had to keep enough distance on board.

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