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Certion accredited for 2020 VCA** audit

Friday, 03 July 2020 11:35

How do you demonstrate that you comply with all safety regulations? A successful recertification of the existing HSE management system according to the latest VCA** 2017/6.0 standard has confirmed that Certion is operating in accordance with prevailing regulations. A feeling of security.

What is the aim?

VCA stands for Health, Safety and Environment (Dutch: VGM) Contractors' Checklist. Our HSE management system specifies how Certion deals with instructions, and with safety, risk and control measures, as well as how we evaluate their implementation. The certificate states that Certion provides and preserves a safe work environment. It also confirms that we comply with legislation and regulations in the fields of safety, health and the environment.

What are the benefits for Certion?

Certion has had the opportunity of VCA certification since 2006, and we have already gone through no fewer than 15 audits. 'Audits are always interesting and each time we learn something new', says Ronald Schoot Uiterkamp, Certion's HSE manager, who handles the audit. 'New points for learning and improvement emerge at each audit, and we obviously include these in our ongoing processes'.

How does an audit work?

An independent certification institution carries out an investigation by closely examining the entire HSE management system. As part of that review, a visit was made in June of this year to a project site where Certion, together with partners, was engaged in the disassembly of a wind turbine. The auditors checked the prevailing safety instructions and mapped out risks, as well as control measures and overall implementation. In addition, talks were conducted with some of those working at the project site about the operations and HSE measures.

Of course we are pleased with the positive result, but we mainly see the validation of our safe and responsible methods of working as reinforcing a sense of security for our employees and principal, and as confirmation of their environment benefits.

Certion accredited for 2020 VCA** audit