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A trainee and an internship you can trust

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 11:40

By 19:30 on a Wednesday evening most students are at home, but Leon Admiraal (20) only has some time to make a call from Belgium. This is because, as a Middle Management Engineering trainee/graduate student, he is fully operating as part of the Certion team. Let us tell you how an internship company and a student manage to lift one another to a higher level.

Learning skills: practical maintenance operations

Says Leon, standing at the foot of a wind turbine maintained by Certion: 'We’ve just encountered a failure in the turbine which is keeping us waiting, so I have some time to make this call. This week, a colleague and I are stationed in Belgium for work. I am learning and doing all sorts of jobs, such as replacing filters in hydraulic stations, checking pressure gauges and replenishing lubricants. I have also had the opportunity to observe disassembly operations'.

Learning objective: growing in technology

Leon is a fourth grade level 4 student at the Landstede College in Harderwijk. He was interested in technology from a young age: 'Technology already appealed to me when I was in primary school. I chose the technical curriculum for my secondary vocational education, and now I am following this 4-year medium-grade vocational education. After that, I hope to pursue my career by doing a Robotics study at higher vocational level. The 720 hours graduation project at Certion has provided an excellent opportunity for me to engage in a wider orientation at this stage and to learn as much as possible. Obviously, the generous traineeship fee and company car for work were highly attractive fringe benefits!'

Learning point: 'You have to do it together'

Although a wind turbine was something completely new to Leon, this Wezep resident quickly learned his way around in the turbine. 'Of course, I first had to undertake all the necessary offshore and onshore wind energy training (GWO) as well as obtaining the NEN3140 Electrical Engineering certificate, but quite soon I was allowed to go all the way to the top of the turbine. It may seem obvious, but I now know from experience why the regular maintenance of a wind turbine is essential to its performance'. Leon is very happy with the way he has been coached: 'High up there in a wind turbine, team work is incredibly important; you have to do things together, so you have no choice but to rely on one another and take care of each other. I am therefore thrilled that my coaches Ronald Schoot Uiterkamp and Stephan de Lange have given me that trust and freedom'.

Learning result: model for hoisting trestle

Leon has also clearly grasped the added value that Certion provides: 'The company sets itself apart by its expertise and the specific equipment that it develops in-house'. Meanwhile, Leon is also contributing to this through his graduation project, which encompasses the design, calculation, crafting and maintenance of a fictional product. 'In my case, this is a model for a hoisting trestle which would make it possible, for example, to hoist wind turbine components. All drawings and calculations are available to Certion, enabling them to pursue the design as they see fit. At any rate, they have asked me to carry on working for them during the summer holidays, so that is a good sign'.

A trainee and an internship you can trust