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Maintenance is a matter of confidence

Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

Martin Janssen, farmer from Lelystad and owner of a V47-660kW turbine (1998)

"In 2009 I made the switch to Certion because I was dissatisfied with the service provided by my previous supplier. My turbine functions well and there are few problems. For that reason, I have now opted for a basic maintenance contract including two inspections a year. Of course, proper maintenance is crucial, but accessibility and approachability are also essential in a business – and that is definitely the case with Certion.

Certion's back-office staff and engineers are always friendly and helpful and react quickly. I am in touch with them about five times a year; either I call them, or they contact me to discuss maintenance. Thanks to the small scale, I know everybody well by now. Although I often climb the turbine tower myself, it is important to have confidence in the maintenance. And I definitely have confidence in Certion".


Maintenance is a matter of confidence