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Great commitment to the turbines

Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

Peter Ruiter (Ruiter Windenergie), farmer from Ens, formerly the owner of two V29 225kW turbines (1993).

"Certion took care of the maintenance of my wind turbines for more than seven years. I was more than satisfied with the way they used to do that. The engineers treated my turbines as if they owned them themselves. That commitment was reflected in our contacts and in the excellent condition of the turbines. You take their expertise and skills for granted; after all, you can't judge for yourself exactly what needs to be replaced. There was an unconditional trust. The turbines operated impeccably all those years, and whenever there was a failure, the engineers dealt with it promptly. They sometimes called me in office hours to report that a problem had been sorted before I knew myself that there had even been a failure. Downtime was an unfamiliar experience with those turbines.

Certion advised me very well in terms of the sale and disassembly of my two turbines. The reason for discontinuing their operation was an impending major maintenance, coupled with the ending of the Environmental Quality of Electricity Production (MEP) subsidy. In addition to this, the inconvenience experienced by my neighbours (at a distance of 120m) played a part in my decision. Certion took care of the entire disassembly. They have both the professionals and the top-notch tools required. For me, that expertise was sufficient reason to entrust them with the disassembly. Concluding the wind energy chapter with such an excellent cooperation with Certion has left me with very positive feelings. Twenty years ago, I was the first private owner to operate modern turbines in the polder. Re-starting with a larger turbine at this location is not a viable option; unfortunately the municipality of Noordoostpolder will not permit it."


Great commitment to the turbines