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Contract on an hourly basis

Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

Pieter Hoving (board member of EWI Windpark B.V.), co-owner of seven V80 2.0MW turbines (2002).

"Some years ago we opted for Certion, because we wanted a better-aligned maintenance model for our Vestas turbines. Certion gives us the freedom to choose and make decisions ourselves. It's up to us to say yes or no. We have opted for a contract on an hourly basis. We did not need the total service provided by the all-in contract because we have a great deal of expertise within our organisation itself. We have stepped up the number of maintenance interventions from two to four. We operate seven turbines, and obviously the occasional failure may occur at any time. Certion takes care of maintenance and another party carries out the inspections. We feel that opting for that division of tasks – which, by the way, is by mutual arrangement – guarantees us the independence and freedom of choice we require.

The convenience of having an engineer nearby is reassuring, and I can refer my questions to any staff member of Certion in the certain knowledge that they always take good care of business. Our relationship of trust is so solid that we even keep a stock of specific parts at Certion. They have the technology necessary to store them under optimum conditions, and they can be delivered and assembled immediately as and when required. That type of service – providing solutions in conjunction with our own input – is the sort of efficient collaboration that can be achieved together."


Contract on an hourly basis