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Complete turnkey projects

Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:00

Ruben Lindenburg: site manager of the Vattenfall/NUON Prinses Alexia wind park

  • Prinses Alexia Wind park in Zeewolde, 36 Senvion-3.4M (2013)
  • Wind park Jaap Rodenburg, 10 x Vestas V66-1.65MW, contracted since 2011
  • Wind park Hoofdplaatpolder, 5x Vestas V80-2.0MW, contracted since 01-01-2012
  • Wind parks in Noord-Holland, 32x Vestas V66.

"My experience of Certion has been that they are a most congenial and reliable service provider. In particular, because of their compact organisation, they are highly flexible in terms of accessibility, reaction and upscaling. We manage several wind parks, which include dozens of turbines, but we don’t have our own staff for technical maintenance and we therefore have to rely on a business that can provide us with the expertise we need. Certion has that expertise, and they are also able to take care of the entire process on a turnkey basis. This is ideal for us. They have experienced engineers who understand both our Vestas and Senvion turbines. Their experience of installing large components is also very useful to us. Our main concern is that the turbines must always be able to operate in windy conditions; standstill is something we want to minimise. And we achieve that, together.

Online monitoring

The good thing about Certion is that they think along with us, both within and beyond our regular arrangements. They can monitor online using control systems, but they also operate in a pro-active way. I remember getting a call from them once when they were passing through and noticed that one of our turbines had failed. They asked if it was OK for them to have a look. Now that is real commitment. We are so satisfied that we have also recommended Certion to the company that supplies the turbines for our parks."

Complete turnkey projects