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Content with high level of service

Thursday, 27 November 2014 00:00

Koos Grubben (Windpark Noorderwind BV) co-owner of four Vestas V80-2.0MW)

"We became a customer of Certion three years ago. We had been looking for a provider who could guarantee fast and effective service, and that is what Certion can offer. We are pleased with the performance of our turbines, but occasional failures are inevitable. Most of the time, the engineers will show up within the hour, and if any parts are required, they will bring the correct parts from stock. This means that standstill of the turbines is kept to a minimum."

Maintenance on demand

"Certion offers several types of maintenance contract, so you can choose which contract suits your situation best. Certion carries out major maintenance twice a year on our premises, and they also do a minor maintenance every six months. They go to great lengths when it comes to their level of service. Bringing all their expertise and experience to bear, they think along with us and take time for an evaluation session. We then discuss the maintenance they have carried out as well as the maintenance that they feel will be necessary for the time ahead. That is precisely the kind of service we like, and that is why we are so happy with Certion."

Content with high level of service