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With more than 15 years of experience, our professionals know their way around every turbine, on land and at sea. Innovation is in our DNA. We are up to date with all safety regulations and the latest developments in our profession. We enjoy what we do and feel responsible. For our work and each other. A higher return on your turbines or wind farm? Certion is your partner.

Service en maintenance

Only a turbine in the best condition delivers optimum efficiency. That is why maintenance is vital. By taking good care of your turbine, the chances of sudden failure or defects are limited. At Certion, in addition to our basic package, you can choose from various preventive maintenance packages. From specific checks and service upgrades to total maintenance. What suits your business best?
Acute breakdown or damage? We provide a quick repair. Through an online connection, we know which turbine has a defect instantly. For most turbines, we can quickly draw on our parts warehouse. Do we not have a part in stock? Then we ask our network to help out. In this way, we always provide a high level of service.

Need advice?

“Through an online connection, we know instantly which turbine has a defect and what is needed to fix it as quickly as possible.”

Inspection and optimization

Is your wind turbine performing as expected? To know for sure, we carry out inspections and translate research results into a clear report. Objectively and independently. So you know in detail what condition your wind turbine is in and what you can do to get more out of it. Any opportunities for optimization? We’ll be happy to advise. Together, we will realize a longer lifespan and a higher return.
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Assembly and disassembly

How long do you want to benefit from your wind turbine? The correct assembly of a wind turbine contributes to higher efficiency and longer economic life. Specialist knowledge and specific tools are required to achieve this. Proper disassembly is equally important: it increases the residual value of your turbine.

From assembly to disassembly, from cabling to start-up. The whole process is taken care of by our specialists. We have extensive knowledge of transport, hoisting equipment and components, and all the logistical challenges that come with it. We work closely with our partners, who operate following our quality requirements. We are happy to help!

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”Proper assembly and disassembly of a wind turbine contributes to a longer economic life and higher residual value.”

Storage and tools

How do we get a malfunctioning wind turbine back up and running quickly? By having the necessary tools and materials on-site as fast as possible! That is why we focus on optimal stock management. The most common parts are directly available to our mechanics, straight from our warehouse. For many turbines, we even have all components. What do you need?
We understand that our profession requires customization. Thanks to our close relationships with suppliers and competitors, we can also quickly obtain specific and scarce tools. In addition, we have space in our warehouse to store our clients’ materials. We also provide additional services such as handling, maintenance, disassembly, and preparation for shipment.