Turbine Support Team

Our origins: we have been providing a complete service for wind turbines all over the world since 2005. Our mission: ensuring that our customers obtain optimum efficiency from their wind turbines.

Efficient stock management is essential for getting a failing wind turbine back into operation again quickly, so most parts required will be immediately available to our engineers in our spacious and well stocked warehouse. Thanks to our close collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers, we stock most of the parts most commonly required for all current turbine models.

The same applies to the tools specific to the wide variety of wind turbine models. Tools and hoisting equipment demand a custom approach, so that is precisely what Certion provides, and we can call on our European network if necessary to ensure fast delivery on the rare occasions when an indispensable part or tool is not currently in stock.

In addition, our modern warehouse provides space for the storage of our customers' components and materials. These storage facilities are offered at very competitive rates, and we can also provide all associated services, such as handling and maintenance during storage, as well as completion/preparation for dispatch and much more.

,,Tools and hoisting equipment demand a custom approach, and that is precisely what Certion provides.’’

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